To make the world electricity generation greener, cheaper, and decentralized

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MASWESTM is a Mobile Autonomous Solar-Wind Electrical Station

MASWESTM uses 100 % ecologically friendly renewable energy sources. It supplies electric vehicles and rural households, electric tractors and remote farms, mining companies, and military facilities. The station, based on a 40ft container, is able to give a minimum of 124,000 kWh output per year.


Ecologically clean, safe, and profitable energy

Cheap and cost-effective. Just 199,999 €. About 0.47 €/kWh

Autonomous and works everywhere

Mobile and transportable by air, water, and land

Integrated protection system

Its AI chooses the most advantageous locations

Adaptation to weather conditions

Off-grid or on-grid connection, if necessary

Wide forms of use: consumption, rent, sharing, property, resale, etc

How is MaswesTM used?

MASWESTM works in any place with sun or wind. The station is installed or reinstalled by two crewmembers in one day.




Mobile Autonomous Solar-Wind Electrical Station

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